Beth Santilli And Her Dog, Brody

In this podcast, Kelli interviews Beth Santilli about her dog Brody’s remarkable recovery with AlphaFlo, a regenerative treatment. After Brody, a 14-year-old active dog, began limping due to a leg injury, traditional treatments failed. Upon trying AlphaFlo, Brody experienced rapid improvement, regaining his active lifestyle within weeks. Beth shares her gratitude for AlphaFlo’s role in enhancing Brody’s senior years and encourages others to consider it for their pets.


Kelli 0:44
Hello friends it’s Kelli and today I’m here with Beth Santilli. Beth, thanks so much for being with us.

Beth 0:51
No problem

Kelli 0:52
You’re near Rochester, New York and you have an adorable dog Brody, who’s 14 years old. Tell us about Brody.

Beth 1:00
Yeah, it was Brody’s birthday yesterday. He turned 14. He’s a good little guy. He’s just a little mutt. I’ve had him for 13 of his 14 years. He’s big. A lot of people that don’t have little dogs think that they’re just lap dogs and always want to be cuddled and held and I’m not gonna lie. He loves that too. But he’s also very active. He always has been. He likes hiking and running around and chasing animals and under the gardens, so he’s had a very full 14 years of life.

Kelli 1:34
We love that. And so how did you hear about AlphaFlo?

Beth 1:40
So in December of 2023, Brody just got up one morning and was limping on his right leg. I brought him into the vet and my vet who’s Dr. Bronson out of New Hope Better Veterinary Wellness Center in Rochester. He mentioned AlphaFlo. It wasn’t something that I took action on quickly. I wanted to see if NSAIDs and rest kind of hoped but after a month, there really wasn’t much progress. So I called up Dr. Bronson said let’s go with the AlphaFlo after all, and the rest is history. I guess you could say.

Kelli 2:18
Wow! So tell us what happened once Bodie had AlphaFlo.

Beth 2:21
They said it would take two or three weeks to kind of see you know what all was going to happen after he got it and that’s about how long it took. By week three, it was just like this rapid improvement. I can attribute to it to nothing besides the AlphaFlo, everything else was the same and it was just within a few days. All of a sudden he was back to normal. He really wasn’t putting much weight at all on his right leg. It was his knee. And then he started putting more weight on it. We weren’t going for walks. He was being pulled around in a wagon like The Little Prince that he is. And he was getting so frustrated by it because he is very active. And then he was just like, Nope, we’re gonna go for a walk and we went for a walk and then built up two or three walks in a day, our usual same distance. He hops up and down when he wants food again. Which is great. It was just in a matter of I would say Week Three was definitely where I saw this rapid progress and even in probably weeks, four or five, six, I think he continued to improve a little bit and now he’s back to baseline. Really, he’s great.

Kelli 3:34
That is fantastic! And the AlphaFlo is an allograft. So it does build over time. So if it’s joints or ligaments, it could take about three weeks. You know, it’s different in different animals depending on the injury and the age. But I love that at the three week mark, you really saw significant difference. How long has it been since Brody has had the AlphaFlo?

Beth 3:56
That was at the end of January, roughly so it’s been two months. And yeah, it was like so well timed yesterday. We went for this nice long, like a few miles after the beach walk for his birthday, and I mean, I couldn’t be happier. He has such a good quality of life, especially for being 14. He does everything he wants to do. When he first got hurt, he couldn’t go up and down the stairs or jump in bed or like these pretty basic things for him that we really took for granted and now he’s just running up the stairs jumping on and off the couch jumping in and out of bed. And I couldn’t ask for anything more at 14. So I’m really grateful that AlfaFlo got that all back for him in his senior years.

Kelli 4:47
Yes! We love to add quality of life – especially to senior dogs because it is a regenerative product and it does exactly what you’re seeing in Brody. I can tell you my dog was 17 when she had AlphaFlo and it added another quality year to her life. So that’s one of the great things about AlphaFlo. Well, Beth, I want to thank you because you reached out to us to share your story. And it’s rare. I mean, people will reach out to complain 10 times more than they will to give a compliment. So the fact that you took the time and contacted us and said hey, I just want to share my story really means a lot. What would you say to someone who has not yet tried AlphaFlo?

Beth 5:30
Try it. I am so grateful. Like I said my dog is very active. He really was. I could tell he just felt worse not just physically but like mentally seeing him frustrated. It was upsetting and he’s otherwise like a very healthy dog but you do start to think about as they get older, like quality of life. And I was thinking “oh my gosh”, like whatever happened here, took away years like he’s the part Chihuahua so I’m hoping he lives to be 20 but it could have taken away years of quality time with him. And he got it all back. He’s back to normal. He’s very happy and healthy again. And when I was reading about it, and when my vet was telling me about it, he said it was a pretty new product. And he hadn’t tried it a lot at the clinic here. So Bernie was like one of the first few and I researched it a bit and there wasn’t a ton of information out there. So I figured if I had a really good experience, I want to assure anybody else who might be poking around like heard of this thing and can’t find out a ton about it – it’s real! It really works. It is worth it. And I have zero regrets.

Kelli 6:43
Well thank you for doing the research as well. So our horse product that equine product Manobo has actually been around for seven almost eight years. and isn’t over 20,000 horses. the AlphaFlo product is about two years old. and obviously lots of testing happens before it’s even released. So it has been done in many, many, many cases and it just continues to have great results. So we will continue to do more studies and get more testimonials like this and that’s really helpful. Awesome. Yeah well, Beth, thank you so much for your time. If you can send us a picture of Brody, we would love to see your mixer and just share him and we’re just really thankful for you.

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